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Curriculum & Activities 

At Widecombe pre-school we believe in education through play and organised activities. This includes a daily plan for each session and off site visits to tie in with half termly theme. Click here for an example Half term Plan. 

On Tuesdays we have a regular numeracy and a music session led by Beth Fenton (volunteer). The Wednesday session is run at our Outdoor Classroom and this will include a LEAP session. On Friday staff practice letters and sounds with the children.


In the summer term a ‘School Club’ is run for the older children in preparation for their transfer to primary school with an emphasis on jolly phonics and simple maths working in a group. These children also attend afternoon sessions at the school to familiarise themselves with the school and routine.













Regular trips are made out into the surrounding village, to the school and the tennis court play area as well as further afield. In the summer term we are able to use the school swimming pool; parents are encouraged to support their children during these sessions.

We have recently taken trips to the Zoo, taken a train to Exeter as part of our transport theme and to local farms.




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