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The Pre-School is run from 'Church House' in the heart of the picturesque village of Widecombe-in-the -Moor.

Church House' offers a variety of spaces the each provide a different learning environment for the children. When Parents and Children arrive for a session they are greeted by our Pre-school Manager. Entering the Ground floor of the building there is a large open plan space with designated area for the children to put their lunches & select their wooden name tags and hang them up to ‘Sign-in’. On a Wednesday session and for play on Wet days, the ground floor is equipped with a number of trikes and ride on Tractors. There is also a Wig-Wam to explore and plenty of room for imaginative play and interaction.

Each child has their own peg to encourage them to recognise their name and create positive routines and independence.

Church House

Sensory Garden 

On the first floor of the building a bright and inviting classroom is the main learning area for the Pre-school and is well equipped with a range of equipment to allow the team to provide a wide range of activities throughout the year. Table and chairs are set up with name cards for snack and lunch times.

Outside of Church house is a lawned garden where play equipment and other tailored activated take place. In addition, the Preschool has its own ‘Sensory Garden’ redesigned and furnished in 2019, the area boast a range of different areas and experiences for the children including plants, digging areas, sand pits, textured walkway (Autumn 2019) and our own specially crafted ‘Hobbit Hole’ provides a retreat for the children.


Sign In  

 Just a short walk from ‘Church House’ is our Outdoor Classroom. The Classroom is used for Wednesday sessions through the Summer Term and for as much of the Autumn term as the weather allows!

The Classroom situated in the corner of a field, in a private location, is set out with a large shelter, fire pit with seating, digging areas, climbing ropes and water play, willow house and various other activities. The area has been designed to suit a range of learning activities and is situated to allow groups to explore the area around the classroom, taking walks to forage and investigate.

Outdoor Classroom 




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