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Our Setting 





The Pre-School is run from 'Church House' in the heart of the picturesque village of Widecombe-in-the -Moor.

Church House' offers a variety of spaces that each provide a different learning environment for our children.

Entering the Ground floor of the building there is a large open plan space perfect for active movement on bad weather days. Upstairs is laid out with a big table and chairs for snacks and meal times, soft areas with lots of books and cosy areas for quieter times. This space is also used when we have regular Music, Yoga and Movement sessions.


Church House

Sensory Garden 

Outside of Church house is a lawned garden and our ‘Sensory Garden’ redesigned and furnished in 2019, the area boast a range of different areas and experiences for the children including plants, digging areas, sand pits, textured walkway (Autumn 2019) and our own specially crafted ‘Hobbit Hole’ provides a retreat for the children.

 Just a short walk from ‘Church House’ is our Outdoor Classroom. The Classroom is used for Wednesday sessions through the Summer Term and for as much of the Autumn term as the weather allows!

In 2021 the Outdoor Classroom has moved to a wonderful new location in the village offering a bigger and more varied area for Preschool. This wonderful setting offers space for the children to discover nature in the grass and banks, developing movement as they climb up trees and use rope swings and find new skills through their own play with woodwork, bug hunting, and imaginative play. Refueling and coming together again around a camp fire for snack time, our children and staff alike love Wednesdays!!

Outdoor Classroom 

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